I've ridden on the back of many motorcycles over the years. Have only driven one a few times. Not interested in owning my own. I prefer to ride on the back, talk to the driver, and take lots of pictures. I'm a really good rider and it makes it safer for everyone when the rider is relaxed on the bike.
Mr Harley always has 2 or 3 Harleys at a time and we ride often in the summer (he goes south for the winter so no riding for me til he comes home in the summer).
It can be extremely dangerous. I have seen more than a few fatal crashes. Mr Harley has been in some minor wrecks and one very bad crash. We've had many close calls but we don't wear helmets and we ride very fast. We love it and know the risks.
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Yep...I know that well from the experience of not being relaxed with my brother driving. He has a sporty bike and zips around and dips while turning...the dips felt too low for me that I had a hard time going with the flow, was trying to fight my instincts and losing pretty much the whole time.

In the moment I felt like counteracting him may have been saving us from hitting the ground, and he was new to it at the time. He had good judgement for himself on it, and I'm so light that it's like I wasn't there to him sensation wise. So maybe it did matter (would have surprised him that my weight pulled us down more during the dips). But aside from those exact moments my desire was to go with the flow. It was frustrating.

On the other hand, I think I would love driving one myself. Or being with a SO on one as opposed to my brother.
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An inexperienced passenger tends to try to shift to counterbalance the lean, which is exactly the wrong thing to do. That can actually cause a crash. You should just stay upright in relationship to the seat, even if the seat and bike are leaning.

It always freaks me a bit to see people without helmets (legal in a neighboring state). I don't think I would be able to enjoy it. I would be too nervous, plus bugs in my face, blech. I'm fine with my full-face helmet, even if it does squash my hair.