More holes in the plot. The pill works by suppressing ovulation...all ovulation, no matter if it's once, twice, thrice, etc. Women who get pregnant on the pill are usually experiencing "user error".
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Ya, I don't believe the 'I got pregnant while on the pill' - 'i used condoms and the pill and still got pregnant' - 'i was on the Depo shot and got pregnant' - stories.
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Especially the Depo Provera shot. DP does not fail, when used correctly. If a woman gets pregnant while on DP, it was because she was already pregnant when she got the shot.
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My boyfriends ex was full of them. One kid she was on bc and used condoms, another she was on the Depo shot and used condoms. (not his kids)

I was like, she's lying. She's completely lying to you. It just doesn't happen.

When people overuse those stories, it makes me think they planned their pregnancy. Maybe to 'trap' a guy? I don't know, but why make up such obvious bologna?

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