I am having the 404 error as well, and got an error in trying to "like" a post.

ETA: And errors all over the place trying to post to this thread. It finally worked on the third try, then getting back to the thread was all wacky.

On a similar note, I have seen someone say that the site always shuts down (something about a database error?) around 1:00am. I'm assuming that's their time for where ever they live in the world, whatever that time is for other people the exact time will vary. (weird wording I hope you get what I mean)
Originally Posted by greenjumper
Every night for me around 12:30, I cannot access the site due to a database error. I don't think I've ever mentioned it before. It's a pain.

I know regular maintenance is important, but can't they pick a better time, when the fewest users are online? When it's 12:30 here, it's 10:30pm on the west coast of the U.S. Seems like that wouldn't be a low traffic time of day. Or maybe it is, I dunno.