I've been CG since June and while my hair is in better shape, I am still experiencing problems - particularly dryness and tangling. I use the DevaCurl low-poo just on my roots, and the DevaCurl One Condition Ultra Creamy conditioner. I detangle while my hair is wet, the comb slick with conditioner. It takes me 20 minutes to comb it through, which is pretty ridiculous. After, I use Schawrzkopf Moisture Kick spray to do any extra detangling and to add moisture, as well as the DevaCurl Believe-In Defining gel. My hair is past my shoulders (I am continuing to grow it out). I had my ends trimmed back in June but I suppose I need a better cut, which I am resisting. I know my dryness is the result of my ex-stylist's over-processing. I have been color process free for 7 months (and heat styling for almost 3 years) though, this is simply the aftermath. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I may be missing in my regimen? I know when it is well moisturized, it behaves and curls up much more beautifully. By the end of the day though, my hair is a knotted and dry/rough mess.
Additional info: my hair is a mix of 3b/3c (?) curls, but my under layer is more wavy, like a 2a/2b. Once my choppy layers grow out/blend it will be curlier again. I think my hair is medium, not fine, and there is a lot of it.
Also, attached is a photo of my current hair (not the best resolution but gives an idea).

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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