I hate it but I'm not going to say it.because its not like a total stranger did it but a classmate that I don't really like.they've only touched it when its straight never natural eventhough I wear both in ponytails only.its hard to go natural in school because most girls critize me about it.and when I do flat iron they say comments like 'oh the roots still nappy' or 'is that a weave,nah the roots jus nappy'.....I feel more comfortable with my hair natural and straight when I'm outside of school because I don't feel judged.the only reason I ever started flat ironning is because I was teased by one girl that was a year younger than me in middle school!she would say I need to fix my hair and that I'm ugly and I'm a bi**h...but now I care less that my peers want me to flat iron so I only do it once a month for trimming.I can't wait to go to college whoo!class of '13...also am I the only one that experiences black guys don't hit on you unless your hair is straightened?

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