There is no way anyone can tell what hair type you have when you have relaxed ends attatched to your hair in such an abundance.

The hair being soft and smooth is really irrelevant. The hair being soft could be just the nature of your particular hair texture. You could just be a person with silky natural hair. But that in itself doesn't give any clues as to hair type. All hair typing does is tell you what SIZE the curls are..nothing more. All these other "characteristics" that folks claim about such and such hair type is bogus and yes even some of them on this website (LOL). Not all 3b's and 3c's are silky.

Two people with 3c curls can have hair that feels totally different. One can be coarse and wiry..the other can be silky and smooth. But both of them can have 3c curls.
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This post should be a sticky, since this question comes up over and over again, and the answer is always the same.

To the OP, no offense to you, but this question comes up a LOT.
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I agree with you and everyone else. I wanted to at least venture a guess for her since she's posted on here and curlynikki asking people's opinions and seems to really want to know.

To the OP: Personally the size of the curl really isn't important. You'll certainly know what the size is when/if you BC. Just do everything can to baby and nourish those roots. If they are 4b like they look like they'll be to me I'm sure they'll be beautiful. If they end up 3b or c or whatever they'll be likewise beautiful! Good luck and enjoy your hair!

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