gemidevi, why are you giving up riding?
Does the new guy not like it or too many memories?
I will try to post a pic or hubby and I.
I love to ride, tho you have to really trust the driver...
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There are few reasons why I am giving it up. My mom and bf are truly the biggest reasons. I don't need to give them additional reasons to worry and quite frankly, I think I am mentally done with it too. I haven't been on my bike in over 1.5 years, so what's the point, you know? I loved riding!!! I am so jealous when I see people riding, but the accident rate and fatality rate here is high for riders and I just want to be safe.

The best advice I got for riding on the back - let your body be like a sack of potatoes. Ride with the rider, don't try to correct the rider, you are there to enjoy the ride, so let the rider have control. If you have control issues, riding on the back will be a hard adjustment. Trust me, I had to make that adjustment. hehehehe
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