What kind of condomess [pun intended accidently] are folks using that come off or break?!
And I've never understood using a condom AND bc AND still getting pg?
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Uhm, condoms do tear from nails and rough sex (I'm not even going to sugar coat it). My ex used to not think and pull the condom off by the tip instead of rolling it off.

And I wasn't on BC I just used condoms.
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I would classify "nails and rough sex" as causes for slippage and broken condoms under user error. If you got long or raggedy nails, tasker extra care when putting it on. If you know you like rough sex, use 2 forms of BC just to be on the safe side.

I really don't understand why women have to act so stupid about protecting themselves from unwanted pregnancy. Yea, **** happens, but if you are actively taking steps to prevent it, the risk decreases significantly.

If you know you don't want a child, why risk it?

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