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Originally Posted by curlycutie3494

To me..your hair looks like it's 3c.

Here's an approximation of curl sizes for hair types:

3a=huge curls that look like you curled it with one of those giant barrel curling irons. Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

3b=a fat sharpie marker (not the skinny ones). Like those thick markers they give kids in Kindergarten and First grade.

3c=pencil size, slim magic markers, and regular drinking straw size (not the skinny straws)

4a=pen spring, coffee stirrers, knitting or crochet needles.

4b= teeny coils that are barely noticeable and usually needs to be defined to make curls very apparent. Can be mistaken for 4c hair if fully picked, combed, or brushed out.

4c=hair that resembles cotton in it's natural uncombed or unmanipulated state. No curl definition.

If you have a combo of any of these size curls you'd be like 3a/3b or 3b/3c or 3c/4a or 4a/4b..or whatever combo of curls you have. Some people put the dominate curl pattern you'd see 3c/3b or 4a/3c, etc.

Basically just compare your curl size to the list and you can determine your own hair type. Your curls don't have to be EXACTLY the size of the examples to fit in the category..just approximate.