Do you tell people what you want for Christmas (close relatives, significant others, etc) or wait for whatever they get you?

Boyfriend asked what I wanted for Christmas (as he did last year, as he did for my birthday) and I always answer 'I dunno. Nothing really'.

I never really WANT anything. Gift wise. I want things for my house, furniture, etc, stuff I NEED that I would by myself, but I never come up with what I'd like someone to give me. I just expect ill end up with something nice, maybe something unnecessary or unexpected, but I'll appreciate it. I really don't want stuff. Buy stuff for my kids if you want. If I want something I'll buy it myself.

I use things to death so it's wasteful for me to get a new thing if I have an acceptable old one - microwave, stand mixer, utensils - things like comforters, curtains, decorations, I'D like to pick out.

All I could come up with was clothes or makeup, which of course I'd have to buy myself too.

All of this means that although I'm fairly simple, I'm extremely difficult.

A Mediterranean cruise would be a nice gift

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