So after some-okay, alot-deliberation, I think I've decided I'm 2c/3a. Granted I've only been truly CGing less than a week, but modding for several months on and off, and this is definitely the best my hair has been. I have several spots that are spirals, but won't actually turn into ringlets-is there a way I can encourage it to? I may need more length, if I tip my head back, it's BSL. Or is it just a tincture of time thing on the CG?

(Currently, I'm cowashing w/ Activate co (need to find another without protein to alternate with), or BaSo then rinsing w/ white vinegar if it feels like it needs it, scrunching in activate gel and a little LOOB and then misting during the day w/ a honey/epsom saltwater spray. I tried leaving in a dab-two nickels' worth of conditioner scrunched into sopping wet hair today-better clumps but less hold/curl. I'll put up pics when my camera decides to work again, my card is fried .

Thank you!
2cFii-ish with 3a moments. Always subject to change.

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