I love this thread! Can I join?

I've had about 12 extra pounds for the last year or so, then I started college and gained another 5. When you are 5' tall, 5 extra pounds is a lot! I want to get back to 105 pounds, I feel like I look great at that weight. I really put my mind to it last week and lost 3 pounds! I was going so well, but then the weekend came around . Brunch in the dining hall, ice cream, yikes! Then I got a migraine Monday and wasn't able to workout yesterday or today. But tomorrow I'm starting up again, I want to reach my "goal" by 2012. I'd rather start the year on a high note instead of making plans to change it !
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Of course you can join! Lol.That was totally my point too. I want to either be at my goal weight going into 2012 or wellllllll into my fitness reggie so that I will be losing the last bit of my weight in the new year and not trying to just start one you know? I'd rather be in maintenance mode next yr!

I need to be accountable for my eating. I log my workouts on my own thread, but I need to lose 10 pounds to be happy. I've put on weight since I started my anxiety medication,, but I feel so much better I am not going off. My sister even noticed that I was eating more when she was out for a visit at the end of October. I think if I actually write down what I eat I will be more careful about it.

Breakfast - Chocolate Shakeolgy with a banana
Snack - 3 squares of Lindt 70% dark chocalate, handful of almonds, 1 cup green tea.
Snack #2 - 1 square dark chocolate. 4 raspberries, handful of blueberries, 1 small apple
Lunch - will be 1/2 turkey sw on whole wheat, with mayo, lettuce and about a cup of cut up veggies with a little ranch on the side.

Unfortunately I'm starving and going out to dinner with a friend, bad combination.
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I've noticed that if I chart things (weight/measurements and food daily) I tend to to a lot better staying on track. Also when you are about to go out why not drink a big cup of water and have a light snack like some yogurt, fruit,etc so that your not as hungry and will be less likely to go over board?

I wasn't able to get to the gym today. I'm back in school and have a major project due in a few days and just when I was ab to do it I get a call from my child's school bc he's vomiting all over the place so I had to go get him. So I know btwn him and the project I didn't get to I probably won't get bk to the gym until Friday at the earliest. Hopefully those 2 days of spinning will hold me over in the mean time.
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