OK, Lush I just looked at your new pics and then looked at mine. I'm closer than I thought! (insert happy dance here) Mines just lots shorter. And darker. The first and third ones are very close to what I am looking at.

What is CEAHT? And on your ringlet pic you mention shaking....when/how do you do that? I think I'll copy your routine for a while and see if it works (if you don't mind of course!)

Oh I'm so happy to finally be loving my hair instead of fighting it! I hate to guess how many times I've gone and looked at it (I'm at work...shhhh)

I'm becoming obsessed....
2cFii-ish with 3a moments. Always subject to change.

(\_/) This is Bunny.
(O.0) Copy Bunny into your signature to help
(> <) him on his way to world Domination.
I'm voting for Bunny.