I got my zumba dvds last week! I have worked out 4 times with those so far. Two of the workouts have been this week. I'm back on my adkins diet and I can already tell a diff. Zumba is so awesome! I find myself singing the songs during the day and I'm always excited for my next workout. My goal for this week is 3 workouts this week. I'm almost there, and for next week, 5 workouts.

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See I think that's key. Find something that you love. It doesn't matter what it is just do something that you enjoy and your more likely to continue doing it. I'm one of those people that needs variety in everything I do because I get bored so easily and I know that's why I'm still so committed to losing this weight and going to the gym. Plus I'm just tired of having that feeling of not being completely happy w/what I see in the mirror you know? It doesn't matter how many times someone else tells me I'm beautiful if I don't feel it it doesn't mean as much and I wanna get back to feeling that way every day on my own.

JaylensMami10 - thanks for the advice. I am not going to weight and measure but I will try to post what I eat. Measuring/weighing is way more work than I want to do when it comes to food. I think it is a good practice as long as one doesn't become obsessed about food.
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No problem. I understand. I only started measuring bc sometimes weighing yourself can get discouraging btwn water weight fluctuations,etc. so I figured that weekly body measurements would be more consistent and they have been (at least for me). I used to weigh myself weekly as well and sometimes I still do (occasionally bi-weekly) however I have the bad habit of 'ooh I lost whatever' I can have that treat and I wanna avoid that so if I don't weigh as often I can't treat myself right? At least that's my rationalization. Lol.
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