Yay class of '13 too
I went natural about three weeks ago. I got frustrated and tired with the constant flat ironing. Now, I'm absolutely in love with my curls! So a few day after, some(not so close) friend of mine just reached out and touched my hair when we were sitting in home room. It was still a little wet since I wet it that morning. I turned around and asked her not to touch my hair and she got a little attitude. The next time, I was walking out of the lunchroom talking with my friend and this girl I'm friends with walked up behind me and patted my head to see what it felt like. I got annoyed. It's like a lot of these people feel the need to touch my hair to see what "black people curls" feel like. Both of the girls, white and hispanic, have beautiful hair also but I don't pat their head just to see what it feels like with out asking. That's just weird. They just don't get it. It's frustrating.
Hair Texture-Proud 4a with a bit of 3c
Lazy Day daily regimine- Spritz with some water, add some Knot Today leave in conditioner, and some Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothe

Currently on a quest to grow my hair out. I'm aiming for 6 inches within the next year