Yeah, I definitely think you're right about a trim - my ends could definitely benefit, as well as having my choppy layers fixed up by my new stylist would probably help with the way my hair lays/grows in general. I've never done a DT or PT so I think I need to experiment. If you could recommend some other good products/lines for me, that would help. I really don't know of much else besides Redken and Deva, the ones I've been using for the past year or so. I know I can't use drugstore products, like Pantene because they hurt my scalp.
My hair is definitely porous from highlights I got on top of demi-permanent color about 7 months ago. All of my natural color that's grown out is healthy, so I do agree that gradually cutting away the old color will help a lot. Is it possible though that sealing - using the buttery/oily products - will weight down my hair at all? Thanks for your advice! Very helpful
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Some great lines are Curl Junkie, Spiral Solutions (when she's up and running again), Donna Marie, Marie Dean, Komaza, Kinky Curly--just to name a few.

My hair is fine and not very dense as a result of age, thyroid and medication issues. I use small amounts of the richer products with no problems. My hair isn't dry, so I don't need to DT. I do at least one PT a week--CJ Repair Me and SS Protein Repair Treatment are both very moisturizing. As long as I'm using lots of protein, and don't overdo the rich products, I don't have issues with my hair being weighted down. My hair is low porosity, so it takes it a while to absorb the products. My hair actually gets better as the day goes on.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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