.....So I just read the 9 pages on the 4a forum (daaang..you should read it!), and you know: it really IS the forum I have learned the most from (and I am def a 3c with some touches of 4a), I mean I never knew I could use drugstore conditioners and get any results, that I could use gel, the list goes on and on....meanwhile on the General Disussion forum I have tried to give advice to people with a different curl pattern (3's, I believe) and was dismissed quickly as my hair type was "different",soooo.......

The Andre Walker system is a joke, because he clearly believes that 4a should be chemically altered and I believe the 3c category was invented on Naturally Curly.

4a is the place for your curls to be, my friend. Wise, insightful, informative, witty, and educational. 3c...much too quiet. Combine, I say.

The rest of NC ain't bad either