Hey there...I have been looking around this board and website for awhile and have finally decided to ask for some advice! I have identical twin girls who are 6 with hair almost to their bottoms. It's gorgeous when they get out of the bath but if I leave it down, it is ratty and dry looking the vey next day and just seems to grow and grow bigger! I have tried having them sleep with a silk scarf along with tying it back and it doesn't help much. I try ponytails and braids but they always have fuzzy, small hair all around their face the next day. One of my girls came home and said her friend asked why her hair looked like straw sometimes? They will NOT go to school if their hair looks the least bit "fuzzy" in the mornings which can make for a difficult morning at times as I don't have the time to fully re-do their hair every single morning.

My questions are:
Is there anything I can purchase at Walmart, Target, Sallys or a drugstore that will keep their hair non-frizzy and almost wet-looking throughout the day when I leave it down?

What can I do to help the hair dryness around their face? Any product recs?

Not sure if I should use a gel, a mousse or if there's a milk or grease that will work. I'd like to be able to put it on and pull their hair back with no big frizziness around their face and use the same stuff to put through their curls after a bath and it still look wet the next day--is there anything like that out there?

I don;t really have any pics of their hair with the frizzines but the one of them both below shows the beginning of what it starts to look like once it dries and its pulled back. The other one is a pic of what i want their hair to look like ALL day --- not just while its wet in the morning for a school picture. It was 3 times that size when she came home! Lol

Thank you all SOOOOOOOO much!
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