Hi, your girls are adorable. Well my hair doesnt really frizz except for one small 1" square spot above my left eye. Judging from the pic (school pic) I have similar hair to your daughters when it's long. Anyway I use shea moisture products (Target or Walgreens) and the product helps my lil frizzy spot wave up like the rest of my hair. I use the smoothie and the hair milk (from the coral label line). I also use different oils. After I cowash I apply an oil then apply the smoothie or hair milk. It stays shiny and moisturized all day. HTH

ETA I also use these products in my 9 yr. and 3 yr olds hair. My three year old has hair like mine (well except he's blonde lol) and it keeps his nice and shiny. My daughter has kinkier hair and it keeps hers very moisturized and frizz-free. Anyway, neither have had any issues using these products. Good luck!

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