I'd reccommend kinky curly products, especially the curling custard (you can get it at target). Also, you may want to look into satin pillowcases if your girls aren't already using them. Cotton tends to zap the moisture right out of hair leaving it dry and fuzzy.

I think you'll really like the curling custard, it gives great hold and can deliver the look of the 2nd pic, all day.

ETA: I have 3c curls the same size as your girls. Sheamoisture products didn't do much for me. It made m hair feel greasy and kind of dry at the same time. Didn't want to just throw it away so I just tried to use it t smooth down my fuzzy edges in the morning and it kept me fuzzy.
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Oh wow mine doesn't get greasy at all and it stays very moisturized, but I should add I've never had dry hair. I don't like gels or mousse and the smoothie gives me all the hold I need or want. It's funny how the same products work differently in different hair.

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