Thanks so much. It just feels hard sometimes because it's almost like wearing an outfit everyone thinks is ugly, what's the point? But you know what, from now on they just have to get over it. *thumbsup*
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The problem is it isn't an outfit. It's your a God-given, curly crown; indigenous to you and your being, and deserves acceptance and respect (But you already knew that, as you did say you adore your curly hair!)

I'm so effing sick of it especially since I absolutely adore my hair curly and have gotten so many compliments from my white friends now they're older and more mature. And yet why is it that my black friends and family members practically have a heart attack over it?!
When one group systematically abuses another over time, some of the abused people start believing the lies they were taught by their abusers - that their culture is less than that of the abuser's culture. This includes standards of beauty, whether it's spiraphobia (My made up name for fear/distain for coily hair, because "spira" in Latin means "coil"), or colorism. The fact that you refuse to take on all that baggage and instead choose to embrace your hair, speaks volumes about your character and sense of independence

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