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The first picture I post is PRE-DEVA cut. The next picture will be the one in the car driving home from the cut (and trying not to crash while taking a picture -- hence the weird look on my face). The last ones are taken at night, at home and the lighting is terrible, but should give you the idea.

The biggest difference I see is in the back of my hair, but overall I am curlier. They were able to dry me under the dryer without frizz, which is amazing to me. Vickie is super knowledgeable and passionate about Deva Cuts, and Deva products. She took a LOT of time explaining how to use the products, and giving me tips and tricks. It was a very low key, friendly, non pretentious environment which I loved. Vickie really knows her stuff, and for those who live in the Orange County, CA area, I highly recommend Vickie at Curls On Top salon in Laguna Beach, CA. Okay, now for the pictures:
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Is Robert Criag a semi permanent color?-img_0473.jpg   Is Robert Criag a semi permanent color?-img_0609.jpg   Is Robert Criag a semi permanent color?-img_0650.jpg   Is Robert Criag a semi permanent color?-img_0682.jpg   Is Robert Criag a semi permanent color?-img_0636.jpg  

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