This is my second time going natural. I started last year, deciding to BC at the last minute. At m 3 month mark, I broke down and relaxed, I was uberly upset with myself. So I'm giving it another shot. My last relaxer was on 09/15/2011. I have had a short, relaxed, pixie styled cut, similiar to Halle Berry. My last cut was was in August. So far, the back of my hair is NOTHING but new growth. So I've decided to weave it up. Only problem, I don't have enough for a sew in, I've "guess'timated" that I should have enough hair to braid in March, for a sew-in. I'm contemplating taking my bonded weave out, and seeing if my hair will curl up...but I'm scared of the "result". I plan to transition for a year before chopping. Anyone transitioners with (or had) very short hair and what were your transitioning styles as you grew your hair out?