is there no one in your circle who shares her interest in those topics?
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To be clear, we ALL share her interest in these topics. We all agree with them. But we were raised with them, fed them with dinner every night, woke up hearing her talk on the phone about them. She'd miss family events because she was too busy writing grants. Dragged my younger sister around from protest to protest when she was 1 to 13 years old.

It's not not that we don't share her interests. We do. We just don't want to live them any more.
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I kind of love the bold! That is what I strive for for my kids. What about it is a problem for you guys (and I'm asking sincerely, because to me, that's an AWESOME upbringing for a kid, but if it isn't perceived that way by the kids as adults, then I would want to be aware of why.)
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because she ignored her children for her causes. She'd keep my sister out (at 6 years old) until midnight because she was at meetings. We'd have random homeless people sleeping on our living room floor because they were kicked out of shelters for rules infractions. We'd have strangers joining us at Thanksgiving because they had no place to go and if she actually thought to ask our permission and we said no, we'd be the bad guys.

Raising your child to be aware of politics and talk about politics is one thing and be politically active is one thing. Actually neglecting your child (and I say "child" because I didn't move in with her until I was 17, I really mean my sister) because your causes are more important than your child is a totally different story.

it's like the song "Easy to be Hard" from the musical "Hair."

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