I would like:
I LOVE giving and recieving gifts! I really hope I get what i want this year
1.A bicycle or a pair of skates (dont laugh at me. loool. yes i am a grown women but i want to have fun again)
2. a hoola hoop
3.earrings (just cause i LOVE them and can NEVER have enough)
4. a book (my mother in law always gets me a good spiritual book. So i can probably count on her for this one)

I would like to get my daughter (she's 3)
1.A Leapfrog Explorer
2.A couple tutu's (shes SUCH a GIRLIE GIRL and LOVES skirts and frills in her life as MUCH as possible
3. earrings (i think she got this from me. loool)
4. note pads and markers to practice her writting
5. new books (she LOVES when i read to her)
6.nail polishes (so we can do each others nails. she can have her OWN supply so she can stay out of mine. lol)