If a parent is just self-centered or rude, it's fine to edit them from your lives so that you can enjoy yourself. A parent who gets drunk and embarrasses her children in front of their friends or freaks out the grand kids is a good candidate for that. Just being related is not reason enough to put up with someone who is willfully an ass. Forget that.

However, and forgive me if I'm crossing a line, SC has posted about her mom over the years and I get the feeling she has some mental illness issues going on (the pet hoarding from years back, etc) and that's different. I don't think it's ok to oust a parent for being inconveniently unhealthy in one way or another, assuming they're not violent or abusive.
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I totally agree with you. If there is alcoholism, abuse, children being hurt, or mental illnesses that cannot be tolerated at a large family meal, then ok. I get it. I would probably have a conversation about them not being invited. Both my husband and I have had to deal with situations like this in the past, not inviting people, or having our parents not invite certain people, etc. So, I do understand that part.

I thought she was just referring to conversation topics, though and to me, that's not a reason to eliminate them from Thanksgiving when you have an otherwise decent (not perfect, but you're civil) relationship with them.