Cori- thanks for the info! I am going to def. Try out a new CG friendly shampoo and see if there is a difference. And thanks for the article, very informative! I've never had much success with shampoos because they all make my hair feel dry and brittle.

Darkncurly- I think we may just be hair twins! Yeah!

Here's the crazy thing about my hair. The top part of the hair on my head grows only to a certain length, while the lower part grows longer because it's closer to my neck. So, if I don't cut my hair or shape it I get this mushroom cloud effect thing going on with my hair. Is anyone experiencing this??

Piglet-so, thank you for the info on Biosil. I'm a bit of a sceptic when it comes to pills, but I have tried taking a multivitamin with biotin for about 5 mint the and I can hinestky say insee no difference in my hair, skin, or nails. Have you tried Biotin as well? Were you getting results from the Biotin before starting Biosil?