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I want to post here as well because (thanks to CurliLocks) I am very successfully using Robert Craig. I've colored with it 5x now, and I couldn't be happier. I've been strictly CG since August, in order to heal my hair from years and years of torture. I could tell from the first time I used RC, by its lack of odor and obvious gentleness, that I wanted to be able to make it work. I've had a lot of experience with coloring my hair, so I knew the trick was in figuring out its quirks.

The first time I used RC, it didn't cover gray. The next time I used the wrong color, and it turned purpelish, which is not flattering on me. The 3rd time I used it, I mixed a red and a brown, and it became very very dark and unhighlighted, like I was wearing a wig of fake hair.

CurliLocks intervened here (cyber hug!).

My problem was I used the RC just like an ordinary, high lift coloring and I didn't know how this type of deposit-only color worked (it's not like semi-permanent deposit). I learned that if your hair isn't completely clean, the color will not absorb, or it will absorb too much and then wash out quickly. I have medium/low porosity hair, so I need my hair to be completely dry so it absorbs color better.

I went on the RC site and I bought a bowl, a couple of brushes, and the nifty little "mixer" thing they sell. Rather than shake the squeeze applicator and apply, I now mix the powder in warm water with the mixer and pour the coloring into a bowl. This makes a HUGE difference, because the color is mixed way more thoroughly, and it can expand enough to become a foamy mousse, similar to the texture of whipped egg whites.

Then I brush it on my roots (and I lightly brushed my whole head to lighten after the dark disaster), but I apply only enough to cover my hair. I brush a little extra on the grays, but I don't soak my head in coloring. (I wind up with a lot of leftover dye, and I never, ever did with drugstore hair coloring). Then I put on a plastic processing cap, and a towel over that, and wait an hour for gray coverage.

It's amazing! This stuff has no odor and it's extremely gentle. It rinses out clean within 5 minutes and it doesn't transfer to towels or clothing, etc. My hair feels softer after coloring.

I think, in addition to having really clean hair, getting the product properly mixed to that foamy texture is the trick to getting this right. Also, lightly coating the hair and not bunching it or soaking it allows for even penetration and doesn't gunk up the product so it washes out.

I really hope more people can have better experiences with this coloring because it's SO much better not having to inhale the fumes from other permanent coloring, and not have to turn hair into straw or destroy curl pattern in order to cover gray or get new colors!

Edit: forgot to say - I'm using #13, Coppery Golden Blonde, which is about the last color you'd expect for someone with naturally very dark hair. However, RC colors come out dark, so this adds red highlights to all my hair, and it makes my grays coppery auburn. They look like natural highlights! I need to post a better pic, because my avatar doesn't show the color well.
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