it's SO good now. adam can't fire that girl, he could get in trouble for sexual harrassment. he's in a pickle. do y'all think he should have told his wife? crosby said not too. i sort of agree. she's so hurt. then he lied about firing the girl. not many women would be okay with hubby having a girl in the office that he kissed. wow!

okay crosby and joy bryant....steamy. now what? i'm sure she'll want to continue with the dr. but crosby might spill the beans to the dr. to break that up. she might be cool with crosby but not if he tells the dr. they got together. wow!

okay the girl with the baby...ugh about her boyfriend asking them for money!! he doesn't want the baby. what a jerk! i think she's going to have the baby, alone and end up leaving him in a basket on their doorstep or something. poor thing. she's so confused, wants that guy to be a good one but he's a turd!
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