My friend's name is Ezza and teachers would pronounce her name so badly! Its pronounced "Ih-zzah" but she would get "Ee-zza" "Eh-zza".

And my brother's name is Ryan and he gets called Brian. Smh. My other brother's name is Darrius and they spell it wrong. They take out an "R". He could never find anything with his name on it.

My mom and dad have the same name except my dad's name has a "La" in front of it. My stepdad is always asked if his name is Anthony, but it's just Tony.

My sister is Gabrielle, but nobody calls her that. We call her Gabi, and all spell it different. Gabi, Gabbie, Gabby. But she's 6 and so she has all these cutesy nicknames that we call her at home. It seems like all the guys on my mom's side is named either Robert, Raymond or Wendell. Which are named after my great great great uncles. I'm determined to name one son Alphonso, he's an uncle who hasn't been used or gotten into trouble.

When I tell people my boyfriend's name, Mohamed Ali Mohamed, (my grandma laughed, because she thought I was joking) they ask if that's his real name, and it is, but it isn't. He moved here to the states and that's what they changed his name to. VERY common name.

Everyone in my family has problems with their names. Lmao.