Love this show!

Idk, if spoilers are obvious for this thread but just in case...Spoilers ahead!

I feel so bad for Christina regarding the kiss situation! I understand why she would want Rachel fired. Did anyone see the previews for next weeks episode? She decides to go back to work and Max gets lost in a bad part of town. I bet she going to feel guilty/selfish for leaving home to work as if she could have done something had she "been there".

That's why I love this show! They explore everything about being a parent. Like being torn between staying at home with your kids and having an awesome career. That's a big struggle for a ton of women.

I want Crosby and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) to be together but I could see the writers keeping them apart for a while longer to keep exploring the whole "single/separated parents making it work" storyline. Also, exploring the effects that it has on the children (Jabar) will be interesting as well.

I also feel bad for Julia and Joel. Unfortunately babies are sold like that all the time and the boyfriend could probably easily find some other family desperate to have a child and exploit them. Idk how this will play out. I missed some of the season can they not have another baby or is adoption just something they want to do?