Recently a friend of mine showed me this video and described it as her fantasy/ideal/prefect proposal.
Here is the video:

It's really long, so if you don't want to see it....It's basically a Disney World extravaganza with all the bells, singing, dancing, whistles, lights etc. I actually think it's pretty cool. My friend is a fairy-tale kind of girl, loved Disney Princesses all through high school and such, so this is right up her alley.

Anyway, this made me start thinking of how I would like to be proposed to. I never really thought of it before. (I've thought about my wedding and the a great man of course, but never thought about the proposal).

For me:
I think I'd prefer it to be small and simple. Just the two of us. For the most part, I would just want him to speak from his heart. If he were able to plan something that was special/unique to our relationship, that would be great too!
(I remember hearing about a couple the loved playing video games together. The boyfriend was a computer programmer and programmed the game to say something like "Will you marry me?" instead of "You Win!" This wouldn't be a good one for me, but it works because it's special to their relationship)

What I would not like:
No public proposals. To me, it's not intimate enough and what if I want to say "No"....awkward!

After thinking about it for a while, in that moment I don't want to care what the proposal is like, I just want to be overwhelmed with the joy of marrying someone I love and starting a life together. So, even though I don't want a public proposal, I wouldn't get huffy about it. I'd be too happy (ideally).

Getting to the point....
  • What would be your dream proposal?
  • Do you need tradition (asking the father, getting down on one knee, etc)?
  • If you are engaged/married how were you proposed to? Share your cute/funny/embarrassing stories!
  • Any ladies here do any of the proposing themselves? Is anyone opposed to doing the asking?
  • Anyone turned down a proposal?