For me:
I think I'd prefer it to be small and simple. Just the two of us. For the most part, I would just want him to speak from his heart.
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This would be perfect!

What would be your dream proposal?
  • Do you need tradition (asking the father, getting down on one knee, etc)? This is awful, but I would really like him to ask my Dad. It would mean nothing, I do well on my own, drive a nice car, own my home, have no money ties to my parents, but I think it would be sweet to my Dad!
  • Any ladies here do any of the proposing themselves? Is anyone opposed to doing the asking? I this would take away from the type of marriage I would want. I'm not going to explain it well, but feel its something a guy needs to do. I guess to feel like they are still someone what in un true as that may be
  • Anyone turned down a proposal? No...but I have turned down two marriages. Getting engaged is fun!!!
ETA ~ A perfect proposal would be right before a family event. My family is so close, if anyone heard, they would all be on the phone right away. I would love to be asked right before a function where everyone would be and we could announce it right there, to all of them at once
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