Love this show!

Idk, if spoilers are obvious for this thread but just in case...Spoilers ahead!

I feel so bad for Christina regarding the kiss situation! I understand why she would want Rachel fired. Did anyone see the previews for next weeks episode? She decides to go back to work and Max gets lost in a bad part of town. I bet she going to feel guilty/selfish for leaving home to work as if she could have done something had she "been there".

That's why I love this show! They explore everything about being a parent. Like being torn between staying at home with your kids and having an awesome career. That's a big struggle for a ton of women.

I want Crosby and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) to be together but I could see the writers keeping them apart for a while longer to keep exploring the whole "single/separated parents making it work" storyline. Also, exploring the effects that it has on the children (Jabar) will be interesting as well.

I also feel bad for Julia and Joel. Unfortunately babies are sold like that all the time and the boyfriend could probably easily find some other family desperate to have a child and exploit them. Idk how this will play out. I missed some of the season can they not have another baby or is adoption just something they want to do?
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great review!! and you know everyone's names, lol.

i think julia couldn't get pregnant again but i think that is a carry over from last season and i was only watching in sporadically then so i don't know. i think this season pretty much started out with them considering adoption and her having that girl in her office.

boy, when their daughter was having a hard time losing and threw cards at her dad, said he cheated and slapped him i was totally taken aback. joel showed some real good acting and also restraint. i think he want to hurt her (on the show)
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I confess! I had to look up Julia and Joel's names on wikipedia. lol

OMG, When Sydney (the daughter) smacked Joel I was in utter shocked. I would have never been able to do that growing up and my punishment sure wouldn't have been "No TV and stay in your room" pshhhhh

Also, Thanks for answering my question!