Getting to the point....
What would be your dream proposal?

Well, I'm cheating, because I already had mine. My husband proposed on a starry night, after an anniversary dinner, in our own backyard. It was private and intimate.

Do you need tradition (asking the father, getting down on one knee, etc)?

Absolutely not. Frankly that stuff repulses me (particularly the permission-from-the-father bit), and had he done it I'd have seriously reconsidered spending my life with him.

If you are engaged/married how were you proposed to? Share your cute/funny/embarrassing stories!

Nothing quite like that-- but when he proposed, like I said, we were at home. His brother was our roommate at the time. I was, obviously, super super excited, and ran upstairs to tell him the news. He was on the phone with his then-girlfriend (now wife), and answered his door to me, standing there with my hand up and a giant grin on my face. He opened the door, looked at me totally deadpan, and said to his girlfriend, "I have to go. There's a crazy lady with a diamond at my door." And no, he didn't know ahead of time. But as I was informed a number of times after we got engaged, our engagement was pretty much the opposite of a surprise.

Any ladies here do any of the proposing themselves? Is anyone opposed to doing the asking?

Not opposed to it, no, but it's sort of out of the running for me.

Anyone turned down a proposal?

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