my husband proposed to me on a Christmas Eve when i was in college. and i was not expecting it. it wasn't staged. no choreography. no planned speeches. it was natural, including an awkward moment where he was clearly nervous. he chose the ring himself; we had not gone ring shopping where i'd picked out the ring that i wanted him to buy and give me when he proposed.

i think many of these flamboyant proposals are certainly entertaining to outsiders, but i wonder if they resonate true sentimental feelings for the couple afterward?

a friend of mine choreographed a second proposal because the first one (which was more of a business agreement) was void of romance or affection, but mostly, wouldn't tell a good story to others who would later ask how he proposed. talk about fake.

i think it's bad enough that most weddings are overplanned, mostly by the brides, which makes the whole event stressful, overwhelming, and something where all the stressed-over details can't even be fully enjoyed on the actual day by the bride or groom because they are so tired from months of planning that they just want to get it past them. i say, let at least one aspect of the pre-marital experience be real, even if it's not so fairytale-ish.
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