I am not trying to be *****y but why start a thread asking for opinions and then argue about people's opinions and observations?? What were you looking for when you started this thread?? If you already know what you are going to do why bother??

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Originally Posted by xcptnl
xcptnl...the only thing I wanted to make clear were the assumptions being made. Like I said, I would be the first to bust his balls.
I accept everyone's views; however, I wanted to be specific about certain statements.
As we all know, when we start a thread we are taking a huuuuge risk. I like to read different input b/c in some way I grow more from others' experiences.
I kinda have an idea of what I might do, but as CL said, the thinking out loud helps me many times.
I like to bounce issues/ideas/etc off hubby, as well, you know?
btw...had a GREAT convo w/ m&d yesterday.
Looking forward to new changes in 2012 and a better year
Hope y'all had a great TG...