i think many of these flamboyant proposals are certainly entertaining to outsiders, but i wonder if they resonate true sentimental feelings for the couple afterward?

a friend of mine choreographed a second proposal because the first one (which was more of a business agreement) was void of romance or affection, but mostly, wouldn't tell a good story to others who would later ask how he proposed. talk about fake.
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What???? Wow...just to have a good story to tell.... I guess many of these over the top proposals are putting pressure on people to out-do others and have the best story. (people who care what others think)

@MichelleBFT - cute story! I hope I'm that ecstatic!

@favoritecolorblu- Interesting, I didn't even think about how different cultures conduct their marriage proposals...For example, how would the proposing go in an arranged marriage...or if there even is a proposal.