No, we can't--not in the world as we know it. Again, there's a profound difference between prejudice and racism. And, yes, you can almost always blame someone for their prejudices. In fact, I hope you were kidding in that last sentence.
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No I wasn't kidding. For example, my 88 y/o gmom who grew up in south Carolina and had to drink out of water fountains and use both room marked colored, if she is had a hatred for white people, I won't be mad at her for that.

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Believe me, I understand what you're saying. However, she is lowering herself to that same level--she's making a prejudgement against all white people--retaliatory in nature, yes, but it's still prejudice nonetheless.
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I disagree completely that a person who has been treated as less than human and completely degraded because of who they are and has been taught for years that they are less than another group of people because of who they are who as a result is scarred and may express that with anger or distasteful comments is in any way "lowering" themself to the level of people who committed hate crimes against an entire race of people for their own benefit.

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