Rice water: It helps to give your hair a shine, be healthy and it strengthens the hair.
I made this by washing rice in a bowl and then boiling the rice with that same water I did the first wash with. I boiled it till the rice was partially cooked then drained out all the water. I then let it cool before using it on my hair.

A pre-poo/DC that had a bit of whipped shea butter, palm oil, basil oil, rosemary oil, canola oil and honey in it.

*I used it over hair that was wet from the rice water.
Things I use: Olive Oil, Canola oil, rosemary oil, aloe vera gel, shea butter, mayonnaise, eggs, milk, bananas

Everything I use is 100% natural. I make most of them myself because then I'm sure what's in it and I'm sure nothing's added, it's pure, it's natural.

Things I avoid: Mineral oil (codename: Baby oil), heat (I'm a total, no hair driers, no straighteners, no curling irons, no flat irons, no hot combs...nada), sodium chloride

Growing plan: At least 6 inches longer in a year.