I think you lost me at "questioning" white privilege and white supremacy.

Your post suggests you don't think those are real. If you don't understand how those work, you won't get the issues and you won't get any respect for your views from me and probably from others who get the issues.

The flaw in your logic is that you're assuming that Blacks or other people of colour "acting out" towards white people, is, and should be, seen as equal with white racism towards Black people. Not everyone shares that view. If you look at racism as having a power or institutionalized component, they are in no way the same. To me, this is the only legitimate way to view racism. You're also assuming that if a racialized person acts out towards a white person, it is out of dislike or a feeling of inferiority of white people. I believe that that is rarely, if ever, the case.

As to Black people talking about Blacks being racist against whites, that's a form of internalized racism - trying to gain acceptance and respect from white people by identifying with them and saying what they want to hear, or trying to escape the pain of their own situation by minimizing it and turning the focus elsewhere.

I find it funny that you talk about open-mindedness like you want people of colour to be open-minded to the "racism" white people face, but you have completely closed your mind to legitimate historic and social evidence.

I am not sure what the quote about slavery being about economics is supposed to prove. That doesn't change that a certain group of people was targetted in the name of economics. And the numbers show that Black slavery was far greater in scope and damage than any white slavery or any form of slavery in history. Lots of people have opinions like the ones you quoted - doesn't make them educated or informed or logical.
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I expected answers like these! The truth often does anger people when they first hear about it. Hell, even I thought it was BS until I looked into it more.

LOL, you haven't "looked into it" at all unless youtube is now substituting for study and research. Who says I'm angry, and who says your BS IS the truth? I get annoyed when people present ignorant opinions AS the truth, but that's about it. It offends me as a person who has lived and studied these issues extensively and sees their effect every day, but it takes a lot more than some silly two-bit videos to make me "angry", let alone convince me of the "truth."

Never once did I say that white supremacy or white privilege wasn't real and I'm not denying that it does not exist in some form.

I don't think you have any inkling of insight into what those actually are, and you are supremely unqualified to even talk about them.

What I am saying is that there is more to history than meets the eye and this is part of it. There are many legitimate sources on this, you just have to look for it which is what I did.

So youtube is a legitimate source now? Let's close down all the universities!

Also, what I was trying to get at was that people need to see that all people have been(or is still being subjected unfortunately) to racism in some way, shape or form.

Untrue. Different people have been the target and some people who are not targets now have been in the past, but in our modern society, there has always been a "white" group that was privileged and not subject to racism. In the period prior to extensive contact between Europeans and the rest of the world, "race" had a different meaning than it does now so it would take a while to get into that dynamic, but from the time that Europeans began the genocide of aboriginal peoples in the Americas and African slavery, whites have been the privileged group. Period.

It is never acceptable for one or the other to do so nor is it worse for one group or another. Is it safe to assume that you feel that way?

This is just an ignorant statement because it assumes that people who are not white are being racist. I can't even answer such a foolish question.

I can understand why someone who actually knows that their family were slaves in the past would be racist to some extent but for everyone to feel that way is going to the extreme.

I never said such a person would or should be racist.

You have to realize and accept that not all black people were slaves just like not all white people were slaves, slave traders or slave masters for that matter so for an entire race to hate another(each and every person, many who had nothing to do with the above) is again, going to the extremes. There were a lot of people involved in slavery(blacks, whites, asians, etc.). Saying that it was unacceptable and horrendous for one race yet not so for another is wrong as well.

Slavery is a separate issue, so I'm not sure why you fixated on that - it's only a part of the larger picture of racism. And no one is saying all Black people were slaves. But the thing with slavery is that it stigmatized all Black people and continued to do so regardless of their personal histories. If you read more about it, you'd know that. And yes there were Black people involved in slavery, and there were some white slaves - no one is denying that, but that doesn't lessen the magnitude of what slavery did.

White slavery was very much based on class, which is another issue altogether, though a serious one.

Have any of you even watched the videos? The people in the videos actually got their information from creditable sources or from personal experience so they are not just made up like many want to believe.

I do not have time to waste on "Da N... wit da tattoos" and his friends, sorry. Do you really believe everything you see/hear? If their sources are so credible, did you check them out or go to the actual source yourself? If you want to provide some book titles they named, I can comment further.

The main reason I actually began looking into this is because of something my sister told me about. One of her friend's boyfriend(who is half white, half Jamaican) was taught all of what I posted and more from his father(who is black). I too thought it was bull at first and did not believe it like many people here until I did more research on it. I read up on stories from actual families from Scotland and Ireland who have had family members who were involved in slavery so it is very real even if you want to keep the blind over your eyes. Ignoring it in the hopes that it will go away, trashing those facts or denying any of it or calling me a troll will not change a thing no matter how hard you try. Sorry but it's true.

I don't see the relevance of this. Yes, a small proportion of the total slaves brought to the Americas were from Ireland and Scotland. The Irish weren't considered white at that time, for what it is worth.

Also, I would suggest getting info from books and journals and government sources etc.
Three of the videos had information from books. The titles and authors were listed. You would know that if you watched(and listened) to it. Also, how can you say "government sources" without laughing?

Because they keep statistics on social issues.

Read the fifth quote I posted and you will see that information on this has been so screwed up because of the people like the government. Why do you think Native Americans loath the government? It's because of the constant lies they spit out and the real history of slavery is one of many.

I think they loathe the government for stealing their land and acting entitled to it, and exterminating them along the way.

It would explain why many don't want to believe it. I have family members who are Mi'k maq who don't even harbor any feelings of hate towards whites which you would expect them to do so!

Ah... you are from Nova Scotia or another maritime province? That would explain this then, LOL.

They hate the government but not an entire race. Hating everyone in the present won't change what happened in the past.

Again, did I miss where anyone said they hate an entire race? So what brought this rant on?

All we can do is educate people on the past in the hopes that it will change the future for the better. That's why information on what I originally posted is coming to the surface more. You can deny it all you want it's still not going to change a thing but if you want to ignore it then by all means do so. Whatever gets you through the day.
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And "educate" is the key word, LOL. I ignore misinformation and ignorance like you posted for that very reason.
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