On an individual scale..I think racism is racism. It's not more severe if it's against a black person and less severe because it's a white person.

But I don't think racism that whites have faced in the USA can compare to the racism that blacks have faced in the USA. It's on a much larger scale and has been for a long time against blacks in the USA. And making the point that some white people have been enslaved before..doesn't change that fact. If you were black when slavery was going on in the USA..and you couldn't pass you were a slave period. It wasn't.. a few blacks over here enslaved..and the vast majority free.

Not to mention you got told you couldn't marry, you couldn't keep your kids or husband (if massa felt like selling them), you couldn't vote, you couldn't own jack (unless massa said so), if you tried to run.. it was hell to pay. If you were female and massa felt like it then he'd take you by force and then pops out a mixed child that massa didn't acknowledge as his for the most part.

Sometimes you could hardly name yourself or your kids. Massa was picking out your name and everything. Calling you all sorts of nicknames. If you invented something and it was good the massa took it as his and got credit for it. And in some cases if you were a black male..if you looked at a white woman wrong..you were getting beat sensless or hung if she said you did something to her!

I'm certainly not dismissing predjuice or racism that whites have been subjected to in the USA.. I'm just saying when you compare it to racism against blacks in the USA. It's no contest. And it doesn't mean racism against whites should be tolerated or ignored either.

In my opinion, there is a such thing as white privledge. This doesn't mean or imply that every white person that's ever lived in the USA has done well for himself/herself because of it. But it is to say that because most people in charge are white.. and a lot of people of color that are in charge are afraid to either lose their position or don't want to go against a white person for fear.. that white people often are granted and just expect privledges that black people do not. IE: if a white guy is driving a really nice car he's less likely to get stopped by the police than a black guy is according to stats anyway. A black woman is more likely to be watched in a store for stealing than a white woman. Which is interesting since according to stats I read it's older white women who do the most stealing in stores.

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