Um I haven't ever actually thought about what kind of proposal I would like or wedding. But I am the weird girl who loved how Derek proposed in Grey's Anatomy and how they got married. Just the two of them, he proposed in an elevator which held special meaning to them and they got married on a post it note and made vows to one another. Sounds pretty perfect to me - what more do you need?

Grey's Anatomy - Derek Proposes to Meredith in the Elevator - YouTube
Grey's Anatomy Finale: Post-it Note Wedding - YouTube

What would be your dream proposal?
-So I guess my requirements would be something intimate, personal and meaningful for the two us. Same for the 'wedding' - whatever form it took.

-Do you need tradition (asking the father, getting down on one knee, etc)?
No - its creepy and sexist.

Other questions aren't relevant for me yet lol