Can some explain the difference between Racism and prejudice. I always thought that they came hand in hand or that a racist is prejudice, but a prejudice person is not always racist

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I knew a lot of prejudiced people from the small town I'm from. They might have snarled at me or set their dogs loose to chase me when I was on my way to school. Or they may have made derogatory comments about Black folks (when they made derogatory comments in front of me it was always preceded with "You aren't like the others," or "You're smart, so you're not Black.". ) Then they would proceed to talk about how ____, ____ or ____ Black people were. (Resulted in many arguments, of course.) But anyway I saw all these people as prejudiced and obviously ignorant, but not racist. They were too intellectually and financially disadvantaged to affect me in any kind of way. Nope don't consider those fools racist..

ETA I had racist teachers and coaches though. The difference being they were in positions of power. I have so many examples of actions they took to disadvantage me based on their prejudices about my perceived race.

BTW I'm over this discussion because it's stupid. When people get a clue that racism and bigotry is stupid maybe it'll stop. But I believe th OP is intentionally trying to incite people and I for one am over it.

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O wow I think I got the two mixed up

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