This is going to turn into a massive rant.
I have never really been totally satisfied with a haircut, and as a result have gone to different hairdressers each time is the endless search for the perfect salon. One particularly bad experience was when I was trying to grow my hair, which I told the hairdresser, as I have learnt to be VERY specific, which I could tell was very annoying for her. I said I just needed the layers trimmed (as little as possible- to which she said could be about half a centimeter, as my hair was healthy and I cut it often), especially around my face. We went to wash my hair, and she gets out the shampoo, which I advised was not a good idea, as I only used conditioner. She was horrified, and told me that must be “disgustingly dirty”. I explained the whole thing to her, and she got really offended, telling me that she was the one who went to hairdressing school, she knew what she was doing, and for me to stop telling her how to do her job. She washed my hair and brushed it, quite violently, with a fine tooth comb, which took her so long due to my thick curls that by the time she had finished, my hair was dry and tangled again. Then she goes and cuts a huge chunk of my hair to the shortest layer. I told her that I had just asked for a trim of my layers, and she goes “oh, I thought this is what you meant. You should be more specific”. !?!? She didn’t even touch the layers around my face, but I didn’t say anything, afraid of how much she would chop off. She proceeded to blow dry my already dried out hair, and comb it out again (burning my ear and complaining about how tangled and frizzy it was), resulting in absolutely no curl, just short, triangle shaped frizz.
We went out to the reception where my mum was waiting. My mum said she wasn’t going to pay $95 for such a disaster, to which they replied that it wasn’t their fault that my hair was so frizzy. My mum pulled out a photo of my hair showing them that it was curly, not simply frizz. They said that I had obviously had my hair curled, and said that we were liars trying to trick them into a free haircut. They also said they could straighten my hair, and it would look much better, but it would cost extra.
Needless to say, I am still in search of my dream hairdresser.