Thank you for your advice medusahair!

I am using up Burt's Bees Citrus Shine because I feel obligated to, but I feel it is too stripping. I am trying to be wise and thrifty with my next shampoo purchase, so I would like to buy a cheap shampoo that is moisturing enough to be used on my entire hair (scalp and hair shaft) without having to used with a conditioner everyday.

I am using Massey's wavygirl method for washing my hair right now (shampoo on the scalp only with conditioner applied as a shield from the shampoo on the hair shaft )because I think co-washing would produce too much buildup. If it makes any sense, I find that after conditioning with Suave Coconut Condish or Freeman's Shine Overboard condish too many times in a row, my curls get weighed down - but not moisturized. So I thought maybe I should try a moisturizing shampoo alone.

I feel that on good hair days, I can achieve 3a curls. But if I make mistakes, I am stuck with weighed down 2c waves. I wish I knew what I was doing!

Thank you for any advice you can give me!
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If you're using it alone, cream of nature is probably your best bet.

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