Not all antiques are created equal tho and as hubby has said, even GP, it depends on what someone is willing to pay for it...
I have lots in my house and have paid varying amounts, depending on what it was...
Found this, which is quite interesting...
Bed, Bed Sets - Harp Gallery Antique Furniture
rcw...can you give me an idea of what fil had? :curious:
Love antiques!
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The whole antiques market is down, even original Chippendales.

My FIL collected pottery, like Yellow Ware and Fiesta, 17th-19th century jugs, hand-forged kitchenware, handwoven baskets, wood furniture (armoires, buffets, hutches, china cupboards, doughboys, drysinks, etc), original art....and a whole lotta garbage, cat crap, mice, rats, and bugs.

Oh, and books. A hundred f*cking thousand books.