Daily. Today I tried something different(like I do every day), I condished, washed out, a little LI w/ KY and just used SM smoothie, air dried for a bit and then diffused. after it was all dry I realized that I used too much KY. Tomorrow I will go lighter on the KY. lol
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If your hair is fine and a maybe on the thin side, you're probably using too much product. If you havne't done a good sulfatge cleansing before starting CG, you may have started with buildup. I don't think it would set you back too much if you did a sulfate wash just to make sure, and just start over.
Instead of always co-washing, how about a low poo sometimes. If you think you have too much product in your hair, how about rinsing all of the condish out, add about a small palm in your cupped hand to your soaking and I mean soaking wet hair, smooth it over the canopy and add a qtr size amount to the nape. If you won't break up your curls, rake it through the ends. Then dip your head under the shower quickly for a couple of seconds. If your curls won't break up lean back and lightly move your head back and forth. Don't do this if your curls break up and get stringy. Get out of the shower, take about a qtr size of gel like CIAB or eco styler, or your gel of choice, hold your head to the left and scrunch in the gel, add the same amount the other side. If your hair won't frizz, use a paper towel of a tee shirt and scrunch each side to remove some water. Take about a nickel of CIAB and smooth over head, and you're done. let it air dry. Shake occasionally.
Since my hair is on the thin side, I use Full thickening cream, a nickel size amount on my entire head. It makes me look like I have very thick hair.
Check out mahogony curls on youtube. She has some great videos on going CG from the time her hair was very short until now.
If you just limit your products to your two condish and maybe a loo poo or a no poo shampoo, and 1 or 2 gels, you'll be able to see what's working and what's not.
If you do your routine every other day or so, you won't need to use any other moisturizers or oils, except for maybe a pre-poo once a week.
I have eliminated everything except devacurl, tresammee naturals, CIAB. There are other products that I might add later, but for now since I'm a new CG also, I need to see how my hair reacts to just condish, and the only way I can do that is to only use condish and a gel for more hold. HTH.