My husband does help. He stays up until 2 or so in the morning for a feeding, and then I take over after that. We both end up getting about 5 hours of sleep (just not at the same time, although there is some overlap) that way. Since I breast pump now...and when I go to work, I get up earlier anyways (my job starts earlier in the morning than his) makes sense that I will continue to take over most of the morning duty, even when work starts.
I just know baby is unpredictable...sometimes it takes thirty minutes to feed him, burp him, change him a few times, get him settled back into bed...and sometimes it takes longer. I will probably need to plan on getting up an extra hour early when work starts (compared to when I got up for work pre-baby), not wash my hair as often (which might end up being a good thing), learn to take quicker showers, etc.
I know it can be done, but I just worry that I will end up being late for work or will get frustrated because I think I'm going to be late for work.
My mother is going to watch him, but she cannot do so the first two weeks I'm going to be back at work. She is going on a cruise (a well deserved one). My mother-in-law is going to watch him. Since she watches her other grandchildren (after school), I will need to take him to her place (which is an extra 45 minutes out of the go to her house and then to work). So I might have to get up an extra two hours early for the first two weeks. Grrr! That puts me at 3:30am. Not happy about that. I guess I will have to go to bed a lot earlier...really not happy about that.

I am in some ways sooooo ready to go back to work. I love my son, and I cherish this extra time with him...and yet...I'm already getting bored. That sounds terrible, but its true. Then a part of me is feeling mom fell down recently and has recovered quite well...but she cut her ear open and there was some blood flow in her brain. The CAT scan shows she is okay and even when she retook it later, she is okay. I'm happy for was quite a scare. My fear is that she could fall (with or without the baby...but even more fearful with the baby). I feel nervous leaving the baby with her...and to be honest, a part of me is fearful with leaving the baby with anybody. I know "my way" isn't always the best way. My husband and I have different approaches and I'm finding "his way" sometimes really is better on some things...and "my way" is better on other things. I know the baby will adjust to whatever way. He has been good about adjusting to his sleeping situation...he was in a sleeper-like crib (pack and play) and now he has graduated to his full crib and adjusted quite well. He can go back n forth from nipple to bottle, he is okay with different bottles. Tricks like warm wet wash cloth on his tummy while bathing him has worked like a charm in settling him down...thanks sister-in-law for that tip!! Right now he likes bundling when he goes to bed at night. He can sleep either way, but because of his jerky movements, this has been very helpful.
He is a much easier baby than all the horror stories I hear from mothers about their babies. However, he can cry like he's being tortured if his pacifier falls out...I usually don't give it to him and he adjusts well without it...but if he has it and then it falls, watch out!!! He hates being in the bathroom with me when I shower, unless he's sleepy, then he will sleep through it. If I leave him asleep in the crib while I shower, I can use the monitor (or hubby can). Sometimes that works and sometimes it prolongs me getting ready. But really, the shower is the least of my worries...its having to time manage and still able to get enough sleep.

Any more tips will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so far for the tips already given.
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