Hello everyone

My normal ringlets aren't curling anymore. After I shower (no shampoo; for curls conditioner) it just sort of hangs there and feels kind of stuck together and if I so much as run a wide-toothed comb or my fingers through it just frizzs and hangs there.

I'll admit after having curly hair my whole life I'm freaking out. I think it's caused by for the past few months I've been setting my hair in no-heat curlers before I go to bed and brushing them out in the morning with a boar bristle brush. I also dye my hair a extra-light blonde. I condition like crazy & RARELY use anything with heat. And if I do, it's almost always hot rollers. I don't straighten my hair and I've stopped using the curlers for about the past two weeks.
Still not curling. Has this happened to anyone else before? Does anyone have any advice on how to get my hair back to normal?

Thanks! p.s. This is my first time on this site so please be patient with me if I goof something up!